There are 6 types of a personal brand. Which one are you?
  • Learn how to build a successful personal brand by understanding more about your path.  
  • 6 types of personal brand: Altruist, Careerist, Early Adopter, Boomerang, Connector and Selective. 
  • Deep dive information delivered to you following the assessment. 
  • After completing the assessment, you will be provided: 1. Your personal brand type 2. How to find your audience 3. How to find the platforms that work for you 4. Measurements of growth.
  • This assessment is based on research from a New York Times study. 

The 6 Personal Brands


Altruists are individuals who are highly recognized for their commitment to helping others. These are people who not only dedicate themselves in terms of actions, but also with regard to being mindful with their personal relationships.  


Careerists are people who are have shown a preference for professional advancement above all other personal achievements. More often associated with business-related networks.

Early Adopter 

The early adopter branding refers to a recognized subculture of progressive individuals who embrace individuality above all else. Although the term has existed since the Jazz age, modern early adopters are often associated with being the first to try new things and share them with others. 


The boomerang brand type refers to people whose brand is closely identified with controversy. In many cases, they do not necessarily agree with the content-choosing to pass on the information for the potential of being seen as provocative.  


Connectors are people who pride themselves on their ability to bring people together. These are usually the individuals who are well connected and openly use their network to unite. Typically creative, they obtain validation and satisfaction through others. 


The selective is a person that shares information with specific people. They usually carefully curate information based on general needs and interests of the target audience. They value exclusivity and are largely viewed as being informative and resourceful. 

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